AFF Videos

AFF Level 1

After the initial day of ground training the course begins with your introduction to continuous freefall, flying the arched body position, learning awareness of your heading, reading the altimeter and receiving in air signals from your instructors. We teach you to open your parachute from jump 1, and practice touching our pilot chute 3 times with our team of highly experienced instructors holding onto you and guiding you every step of the way. Its normal to be nervous starting out, but the challenge of AFF is feeling the fear but doing it anyway. Every jump we will help your confidence grow.

AFF Level 2

Next, we look to build on the foundation skills learnt from Level 1 and developing the body position. At Active Skydiving we teach you to track (fast horizontal movement) with instructors attached at this stage, as introducing this skill early helps your progression later. Tracking is one of the student’s favourite skills on the course and we will ensure we will use every learning opportunity on the course to use our experience to make you to best skydiver we can.

AFF Level 3

This jump has the easiest sequence of all the levels. The aim is for your instructors to both let go of you in freefall and for you to maintain the arch, hold a heading whilst remaining altitude aware. The instructors will re-dock ready to help you if needed at deployment time.

AFF Level 4

At level 4 for we go down to one instructor and introduce the skill of starting and stopping a turn using the good basic body position learnt on the jumps before. We engrain that before every manoeuvre checking the altimeter to ensure there is enough time to safely complete the move. Your instructor will be flying close by, ready to give you signal to remind you to check your altimeter or give signals to improve your body position and performance.

AFF Level 5

This jump is where we develop the turning skills learnt on the jump before, and if you are flying well, we can introduce tracking again using the coaching points we learnt from our first attempt on level 2. Every jump you fly solo for increasing amount of time and we may introduce solo exit. We keep the exit the same throughout the course to allow you maximum opportunity to practice the skills you will use as a qualified skydiver.

AFF Level 6

This level aims to teach you tracking and back loops. Most of our students will have already been tracking twice by this point meaning on level 6 we can give you coaching points to increase your speed and distance. The back-loop skill is to show that you can rotate in a different axis and recover from any instability.

AFF Level 7

Level 7 puts all the skills into practice in this jump, with a solo dive exit, 2 turns, a back loop and a track, demonstrating that you can perform the skills confidently, in control and altitude aware.

Wind Tunnel AFF training

Get the best start to skydiving by training in a wind tunnel with an AFF instructor before the course. Practice flying the basic body position, responding to signals, checking the altimeter, turning and rolling over to recover from instability before jumping begins. Wind tunnel training make better, safer, more confident skydivers and reduce the likelihood of needing repeat jumps.

To read more about how wind tunnel training can benefit your AFF course visit our Wind Tunnel page.

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