Rhiannon Morrissey

Just arrived back from 10 days in Seville with Active Skydiving, and cant wait to go back with them again very soon. After doing 1 tandem skydive I was 100% sure I wanted to complete the AFF course and start solo jumping. Scotty and Active Skydiving came highly recommended, and after this trip I can see why. Scotty made me feel at ease every step of the way, from travelling alone for the first time to having a complete meltdown when I was struggling and didnt think I could carry on with my Levels. I am pleased to say I left Seville after completing 6 levels and plans to return very soon and gain my AFF licence. Thank you so much to Scotty and his team I couldn't have achieved all I have without you all x

John Neve

I completed my AFF (from complete beginner at age 62) with Active Skydiving in Seville in 2016 and returned a few months later for FS1 and obtained my B Licence. I have just returned from a further trip to brush up on my old skills, learn some new ones and have a great time. In between, I have met up with Scotty at Langar and elsewhere, and have just started Free Flying with Ally at Bedford wind tunnel. The quality of coaching with Active Skydiving has always been brilliant and I have gained life-long friends and support from the Active Skydiving groups I have jumped with (and had some great evenings too). Thanks for everything Scotty - it means a lot to me.

Ben Blore

Thankyou to a world class instructor Scotty Milne for all the hard work and effort he has put into making me a skydiver! The running of the course reflects true professionalism and passion for the sport, he really does love the stuff, it rubs off on you!

From the get go it was a positive and exciting attitude to learning, with Scotty tailoring his teaching to make sure you are safe, competent and loving it! He uses all his experience and knowledge to help you make the most of every second. Organised, efficient, fun, value, friendly, supportive, Scotty and Active Skydiving ticks those boxes!

I look forward to jumping with you again on future courses, an absolute recommend to anyone even remotely considering getting involved.

Thankyou for these memories and skills!

Tommy Daniel

Had the most amazing time with Active skydiving ! Thanks so much to Scotty for helping me and my friend get our A licence he’s professionalism and knowledge of skydiving is something else ! What an unreal experience ! An all round great guy during the day and after training , even in our down time we fired question after question and he explained everything in such detail to us all on the course made us all feel positive and ready to jump every day knowing that we’ve been taught every drill to the highest standard ! Thanks Scotty see you soon in California for more jumps , Tom

Alex Gillings-Rice

It was my first trip to skydive Spain with Scotty and Rod to complete my AFF course and what an experience! Scotty has been professional through out the course, teaching how to skydive to a very high level. I would recommend AFF strongly with Active Skydiving

Jon Sharp

I have just completed my AFF in Seville with the July intake, and what a life changing trip it has been. Every one of us will naturally have various concerns when entering the sport of skydiving, but I can assure you, with Scotty being a true professional and a great people person, he will get you to where you need to be and well beyond that.

With this particular group, we were fortunate enough to have Ian Cashman as our 2nd instructor, another highly experienced and friendly bloke, well regarded in the sport.

Overall, I had a highly informative yet super fun trip run by the best, and made some amazing friends along the way.

George Morrison

Just came back from Spain with Scotty on my AFF course, after having the time of my life. When we first arrived there we met up with the rest of the group and from the start we all had such an amazing experience. We went to the airfield, had our briefings, instructions and training. All the equipment that he uses is of the highest of quality and I was shown in great detail how to use it and how it worked. I was happy with everything I was instructed on and was ready to jump. Scotty and Ian Cashman were my instructors on the course and I couldn't have been happier with the top level of instruction that was given to me on the ground and before and after each and every skydive. It was so good being there within the group to share the experience and all the feelings we were all going through before and after our skydives. Everyone in the group all left qualified with our Skydiving 'A' License. Without doubt if anyone wants to learn to skydive Scotty and Active Skydiving is where to go, I'm already planning to go back out in September for more training. Can't wait to get back to Giant Haystacks either. Thank you so much for a great trip and an amazing experience.

Jamie Fearon Dempsey

Got to say on my 6th visit to skydive Spain with Active Skydiving I absolutely love jumping with the group,s,to see the group's training and to learn more myself every time I jump is exellent,as a left leg below knee amputee I was always looked after at every moment and learned how to skydive with great tuition,in 6 months only I gained my A licence,B licence,CH1,CH2 and jump master grades,now am just looking forward to learning more and I highly recommend going with Active Skydiving!

Simon Webb

Just heading home after 6 days in Seville with Scotty. This was my second trip (AFF last Aug) and the aim this time was to complete FS1 and the requirements for B licence. Scotty’s patient, professional instruction ensured this was achieved with time to spare. Both trips have been great fun and have been chances to meet with like minded people who are also passionate about skydiving.

If you are thinking of giving it a go then Scotty is the man to call. Get in touch with him now to secure your place and start the journey of a lifetime!

John Greenslade

I’m not one for writing references for the sake of it, but I feel compelled and can only offer the highest recommendation for Active Skydiving, the quality of the instructors, tuition, equipment and location for our course in Seville, Spain.

If your considering Skydiving without a doubt the professionalism and experience of your instructors, their capability to instill calm confidence and belief in your own abilities and the quality of equipment is a prerequisite. Our instructors Scotty Milne and Tim Roberts without doubt are the top of their game and have great skill sets to get the best from you whilst making it a very enjoyable and bonding experience.

I cannot talk for other courses or other instructors but I can whole heartily recommend Active Skydiving without reservation.

“If you believe in yourself, anything is possible”

Thanks for the challenge Scotty and Tim

Sarah Bate

I completed my AFF course in january, after trying to progress through the RAPS course but was fed up off rubish weather and not being able to progress on RAPS. Scotty and ally helped me to progress through the course and all the training needed! The instructors and equipment was great! By far one of the best experiences. I would definitly recommend active skydiving!

Fraser Allan

After slow progression on the category system I took the advice of others to get on an AFF course and Scotty Milne's name was continually mentioned as the best to go with. The quality of training and equipment that the group use was exceptional and the way the group bonded, it has been an awesome experience and I'd recommend Active skydive to all who are wanting to gain their licence.

I completed my AFF training and gained my A licence with no issues and look forward to continuing to jump. A massive thanks to Scotty Milne with Active Skydive

Guido Franchetti

I have just returned from a skydiving trip to Spain where I did my AFF course with Scotty Milne. I almost decided not to go when a friend pulled out, but then I looked up Scotty. He is obviously a world class skydiver himself, but being extremely good at something does not guarantee you can also be a good teacher. However, all the reviews I found, not just on his website but also in various parachuting forums, were very enthusiastic, so I decided to go.

I am extremely happy I decided to do so. Scotty is an amazing teacher. He knows how to stress the important points in the theoretical explanations and the drills demonstrations without wasting time on unimportant aspects. Utmost care is given to safety with the use of first class equipment and regular, careful repetition of the safety drills. He really cares about his students and does his best to help you succeed. In fact, a rare gift even among talented instructor, he is able to adapt his style of teaching to your needs, being firmer or gentler depending on what is best in the moment.

I came to this trip with no previous experience and jumping out of a plane was definitely not easy for me - in fact, less than I expected. Still, I completed my AFF course with no repeat jumps and with what I believe was a solid if not particularly graceful performance. I am very happy with what I accomplished, and Scotty’s guidance played a crucial role in it.

Finally, I really appreciated the group atmosphere. Everyone was supportive and I was pleasantly surprised to find no macho attitude in any of the participants. The atmosphere was inclusive but not forced as you were equally welcome to come along or find your own space

Chris Kimmet

Well after doing a whole bunch of static line jumps in Scotland and getting nowhere, I got in touch with Scotty and active skydiving, we prepared a trip out to Seville and what can I say. He did not disappoint me we had it all tied up with the licence in the bag by the end of the trip and for someone who had been trying for a long time I was ecstatic at this. The training and even the jumps are very well taught and extremely relaxed not to mention the top nights out with great company and banter. Would not recommend anyone else if looking to get into the sport. Top man Scotty !! Cheers

Nicholas Mark Gerrard

What an experience! Skydiving is risky stuff so only train with the best! Active Skydiving are professional and thorough! Highly recommended!!

Amanda Hewitt

I did 2 tandam jumps and booked a 3rd and then my tandam instructor recommended i did my AFF corse to become a solo SKY diver, he recommended scotty and it was the best decision I could of made, as a lone female he couldn't have made me feel more comfortable even if he tried, very professional and a right laugh, he helped me overcome my nerves and fear and helped me to relax and remember im doing this because skydiving is amazing and somthing to enjoy, he helped me pass all 7 levels first time, what an amazing human and I'm so thankful to scotty, and his buddy marcus all their support and caring nature has helped me build confidence, cannot wait till my next trip In may much love mate x

Lynn Fitz

I contacted Scotty after a colleague recommended Active Skydiving for my AFF course. I was told he was the top man and found that he truly is a legend!

You can learn to skydive or you can learn to be a skydiver. With Active Skydiving you definitely learn the latter. With excellent instruction tailored to the individuals in our group, using the best equipment, we were taught about the world of skydiving, and being a part of a skydiving team. This was evident in the way everyone in our group supported one another throughout the course. From day one, with no other commitments at the dropzone, Scotty and Ian were completely dedicated to our group. This consistency and their truly professional, supportive manner ensured we all knew we were in safe hands and that everyone in the group made fantastic progress.

This certainly was a trip of a lifetime. I loved every aspect, from that feeling as you 'check out' in the plane door, getting the infamous 'thumbs up' from Scotty and Ian in freefall, to hearing the stories and all the experiences that led people to the absolutely amazing world of skydiving.

I couldn't recommend Scotty enough to anyone who is thinking about experiencing skydiving. Male, female or any hang-ups you may have about the sport, travelling alone etc look no further as you will be supported every step of the way. From the initial email I sent inquiring about the course, to the many questions we all had along the way, nothing was too much trouble. To complete the course with instructors who have so much experience and are still so passionate about the sport today was an absolute honour.

I cannot thank you enough and can't wait to get back and learn more!

Steve Bellairs

Excellent training, second to none! Scotty Milne is a great instructor, who made my AFF course one of the best experiences of my life. I look forward to working with him again as I progress with the sport. I have made some firm friends with those in the group who were jumping alongside me in California and look forward to the next opportunity to work with Active Skydiving.

Yvonne Worner

Completed my AFF course with Scotty and what an absolute mentor he is, Scotty is the god of skydiving and very well known in the sport. As a women, In a male majority sport I felt well looked after and safe with Scotty, unlike another location I completed a jump at! He is a true gentlemen. Currently in the process of also completing my FS course with Scotty, again no disappointment - the man knows how to get best out of everyone

Kieth Carruthers

Both me and my brother did our AFF and FS1 with Scotty. We've both been on many trips with him and loved every one of them. Great mentor, great company and we got to jump out of planes.... What more can you ask for :) Can't recommend Scotty highly enough.