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Learn to Skydive - AFF courses with 5 times British Champion and former Red Devil Scotty Milne

Photo of Scotty Milne. Founder of Active Skydiving and primary AFF instructor. Learn to skydive with specialist AFF skydiving school, Active Skydiving.

Name: Scotty Milne

Role: Founder of Active Skydiving and Primary AFF Instructor

Email: Activeskydiving@gmail.com

Phone: +(44) 07803 041348


  • Advanced Instructor
  • AFF Instructor
  • AFF Instructor Examiner
  • Formation Skydiving Coach


  • Over 30 years in the sport.
  • Former Red Devil competition team leader.
  • 5 time British skydiving champion
  • World championships individual medal winner.
  • Over 13,000 skydives

About Scotty & Active Skydiving

Scotty Milne is the founder of Active Skydiving and a leading innovator in the sport. Active Skydiving is the longest established and most successful independent AFF school in the UK with a proven track record of qualifying more students without requiring repeat jumps.

AFF starts with your first terminal velocity freefall jump from heights of up to 15,000ft, with two instructors guiding you. This AFF course teaches you the fundamental skills required to become a qualified skydiver in as little as 8 jumps.

The whole point of the AFF course is that it should be completed in about a week and if we allow 10 days we can also complete the 10 consolidation jumps required for the award of the British Skydiving A licence, this is like getting your driving licence and allows you to jump worldwide. For that reason we take our groups to a sunshine location to make best use of the good weather, it also allows for a relaxing holiday with a group of new friends. We use Spain and USA for training skydivers. That said we run some summer courses in UK to take advantage of the best of the summer weather and to catch up with friends at the UK clubs. The trips run every month so it should be easy to join us.

Photo of Ally Milne. Active Skydiving AFF instructor and wind tunnel coach.

Name: Ally Milne

Role: AFF Instructor

Email: allymilne@live.co.uk


  • Advanced Instructor
  • AFF Instructor
  • Tandem Instructor
  • Formation Skydiving Coach
  • Freefly and Tracking Coach
  • Canopy Piloting Coach
  • Indoor Skydiving Coach


  • Over 20 years in the sport.
  • World, European and British record holder
  • British National VFS Champion
  • Over 11,000 skydives

About Ally

Ally Milne is one of Active Skydivings AFF instructors. Ally is well known across the UK and Europe for his excellent instructing and coaching. In the UK Ally is regularly organising events for qualified skydivers as well as organising many British records. He also works closely with the national governing body British Skydiving to help develop the sport further.

Ally’s wealth of knowledge makes him a great addition to the team and with his excellent approach to teaching, he will be able to provide you with easy to understand and clear instruction to help you progress through your AFF.

Ally is also an excellent indoor skydiving coach. Indoor skydiving is one of the great technologies in skydiving today. Using these wind tunnels can rapidly progress your free fall skills without even having to put on a parachute. Active skydiving can offer you indoor skydiving packages in advance or during your AFF course to fast track your learning.

We cannot overstate the value of the wind tunnel as a training aid for all levels of skydiving and strongly encourage our students to use this wonderful facility before the course.

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Why Train with Active Skydiving?

Scotty is one of British Skydiving senior Instructor Examiners and teaches the instructor courses for the UK aiming to share his knowledge and vast experience with the new generation of instructors. No matter where we train you, we award UK qualifications at every level and our folks have no problems fitting in when they return to a UK club. This is a big problem with some organization’s because many, although they advertise British instructors, do not hold UK instructor ratings but qualify with a foreign rating, this is often not recognised when returning home. If you enquire for a course abroad ask who the British Skydiving Advanced Instructor is who can sign your qualification and confirm it with the British Skydiving office. As well as teaching the course we film all your jumps for coaching and you will have the video and stills diary of your course to show your friends, all this at no extra cost (many schools charge for this).


Our chief instructor Scotty Milne has over 30 years experience in the sport, having competed against the worlds best and won on multiple occasions, he is one of the best out there. This is not a sport for choosing the second best!

Multiple Locations

We can make all of the arrangements wherever you choose to jump. Our most common locations are: UK, Spain, Florida and California. Training abroad generally gives better weather and more time spent in the air skydiving.

Video Debreifs

We record all of your training skydives using digital video equipment. This means that not only you get accurate and consice video debreifs, you also get to keep these videos free of charge! Most centres charge anywhere up to £50 per video.


All of your AFF jumps will be with the same instructor team. At many commercial centres you can be allocated a different instructor for each jump of your course. This can cause inconsistency and confusion in your training. We ensure you will have consistency throughout your entire AFF course.

Once qualified, if you choose to further your skills with us you can be assured we will have the same instruction standards and equipment for you to pick up where you left off.


Our equipment is recognised as being the finest in the business and is put together without cost parameters. We have a full range of canopies to cater for differing weights and levels of experience. Our equipment is also available for continuation training. We own all our equipment and each student will have their own rig for the course, as soon as you have completed the AFF course you can crack on with solo jumping, consolidating and expanding your experience in the sport.

From Start to Finish

Due to our teams high level of qualification and experience we will always see you through from start to finish. We can award all of the qualifications recognised in the UK including the British Skydiving licence.

When we are finished with you, you will be a complete skydiver. You will be able to present yourself at any drop zone, check you own equipment, be competent in the aircraft, in free fall and under the canopy.

Check out some of our testimonials to hear what our customers have to say.


We bump into lots of people who have made their trip as individuals and sometimes they look lost at nights, if you have no one to share your experience with it can be a lonely trip. We tend to pick up the waifs and strays but that is never a problem with our groups, there are usually people we have trained before making a second or subsequent trip and they are great for support. It is also a good indicator to us that so many of our folks choose to return again and again. Our groups are never left sitting alone while the instructors are doing something else like tandem jumps or other club duties, we have nothing else to do but look after our groups and you will have our 100% attention.


Some photos from AFF jumps and past trips..