skydiving and parachute training - Picture courtesty of Mike Gorman
Specialist Skydiving School
Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) - Tandem Skydiving - Static Line Parachuting (RAPS)
Instruction by 5 times British Champion and ex-Red Devil, Scotty Milne
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AFF skydiving and parachute accelerated free fall spain, florida california

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AFF Level 1 (3571kb)

AFF Level 2 (3042kb)

AFF Level 3 (2231kb)

AFF Level 4 (2296kb)

AFF Level 5 (2621kb)

AFF Level 6 (2673kb)

AFF Level 7 (2361kb)

AFF Level 8 (1957kb)

Tandem Skydive (31411kb)

Wind Tunnel Training (2131kb)

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Scotty Milne - Skydiving and Parachute Instructor

Scotty Milne - Skydiving Instructor