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Having done two static line jumps 13 years ago I was very keen to get into the sport once I heard about the AFF system. Much to my disappointment I tried many of the UK schools and found no one was interested in instructing me as I am a fairly large individual. I have to count the day I found Scotty Milne at Active Skydiving as one of the luckiest days of my life. Right from the outset I found Scotty both professional and friendly. He explained the entire system to me and left me feeling confident I was making the correct decision in choosing Active Skydiving.

This level of professionalism was evident throughout my training both in the way the training was undertaken and obvious care and expense lavished on the equipment we used. In the years since my course I have done over 300 jumps and have kept in regular contact with Scotty.

I regularly go on trips with Scotty and his AFF students and it is true to say over the last couple of years many of those students have been friends and family. I do not believe there has been anything I have done in my 31 years that has changed my life as much as skydiving - Thanks Scotty!

Roy Castleman
I found Scotty by pure chance over the internet whilst bored at work one day! It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

After discussing some possible dates, we arranged to go to Spain for my AFF in May of 2001. The trip was arranged, and we met at the airport. I was particularly scared about the trip as I was going alone for two weeks, but when we all met at the airport, I was so relived as he was the friendliest face there!

The accommodation was excellent and the drop zone is near a beach, so it was two holidays rolled into one. The training was excellent; clear, concise and at a pace suited to a beginner. The equipment was easy to use, and I never thought I would be packing my own parachute, but Scotty taught us that too. This task really does give you an extra confidence boost and increases your knowledge. The jumps themselves are caught on video (which not all instructors include in the price!) and this really benefits the tuition, as you are so over whelmed at the time, it is difficult to remember anything when you land!

It was simply the best holiday and skydiving experience. The evenings were spend eating at good restaurants, drinking, and jumping in the hotel swimming pools at 3am!! I was well looked after and never once felt uncomfortable.

The following year we met up again in Prague for the Czech boogie, where Scotty trained me though to my CAT 10. We also meet in the UK on occasion, and I'm sure some more trips will be on their way.

Sarah Pilling
Rochester, Kent
Scotty Milne is one of the best instructors you will find. I started the AFF program in 1998 with another instructor and stopped at level 4 due to various problems I was having. Two months later I was put in contact with Scotty who carried on with the training for me.

Being woman in a mainly male sport I was very impressed with his handling of me. The whole process was thoroughly enjoyable after my experiences with my old instructor and I was amazed at how quickly I learnt to do things I thought I never would. Leaving the safety of the airplane was one! Tracking across the sky and turning in place whilst freefalling at 120 miles an hour were two others.

When I started with Scotty the list was extremely long but when I had finished the final level with him I was happy to be the last person to leave the plane and had discovered the passion of my life. Once you have experienced everything skydiving has to offer you will wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

If it wasn’t for Scotty I would have not progressed beyond level 4, about that I have no doubt.

Jules Harrison
Paignton Devon
I chose to do my AFF with Active Skydiving after investigating a number of courses.

Quite simply, Scotty's reputation was outstanding! The training manual allowed me to understand the terminology in my own time, on arrival in Prague all of the transport and accommodation were already organised on our behalf.

Having been shown the equipment, which was in far superior condition to that which I've seen at some UK drop zones, and been trained to use it, we got to the purpose of being there; jumping out of a plane. The fact that I graduated the course is a testament to the quality of the instructors, both as skydivers and as teachers.

I was clearly not a gifted student; anyone who saw my video can tell you that, but their determination and ability quickly got me to a point where I could safely skydive solo. I don't think you could ask any more. In summary, if I was doing it all again I'd still choose this course.

Andy Star
Aberystwyth, Wales
Having done the AFF course with Scotty, I can understand the level of skill needed to be an instructor, and having seen some other students with other instructors I think I chose wisely and now I'm qualified I want to learn more though, and I'm looking to complete my formation skydiving qualification soon. Learning how to pack the kit was also very useful, and gives a good insight into the working of the equipment.

I have also passed on his details to my friends who I would whole heartily recommend as a first rate instructor, and I am planning my next trip with Scotty out to Florida in the New Year. Most of all it is fun, what other reason is there for jumping out planes"

James Bender
I would like to say a huge thank you to Scotty for getting me through my AFF course. Back in October of this year I decided to get into the sport of Skydiving, something that I have wanted to do for many years but never did. The first thing I needed to do was to find an AFF instructor who was up for the job so I decided to look on the internet. When I did this I was presented with a long list of sites all claiming to be the best in AFF. I decided to look into Active Skydiving in more detail and made a telephone call to the B.P.A to check out this Scotty Milne. When I explained to the girl on the other end of the phone that I was thinking of taking up skydiving, she asked me who the AFF instructor was. I said his name is Scotty and before I could say the rest she said Scotty Milne. Yes I said, is he ok? She then went on to tell me that Scotty Milne is a very well respected instructor in the sport and has many years of experience to his credit and you would do well to have him as your instructor. I then sent Scotty an e-mail asking for more details on AFF and before I new where I was I was in Spain starting the AFF course.

I would like to say a big thank you to Scotty Milne for getting me through my AFF without his dedication, professional attitude and general keenness to see me succeed I would not be writing this letter. It’s seems to me where ever you go in the world skydiving Scotty is very well known and respected in this sport.

Paul Young
Training with Active Skydiving is a great way to learn to skydive, the equipment is of a high standard, safe and very easy to use, the course information is given in a friendly and easy way to learn making your first jump less daunting. Since gaining my cat 8 I have been back to jump with Scotty a number of times for further training and advice, and for any of my friends that want to have a go at this sport then this is the way that I have suggested to them.

Alex Battle
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