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Specialist Skydiving School
Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) - Tandem Skydiving - Static Line Parachuting (RAPS)
Instruction by 5 times British Champion and ex-Red Devil, Scotty Milne
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Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Course

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Active Skydiving specialises in week long residential skydiving trips every month to a variety of sunshine locations to complete the AFF skydiving course. Intensive training the most effective way to allow for rapid progression in the parachuting arena. For this reason AFF courses are usually run in Spain or USA and groups of between 2 & 4 are the norm.

Included in your AFF course fee you will receive:
  • All instruction for the course.
  • Kit hire for all the equipment required, including jumpsuit, altimeters, helmets, goggles and of course parachutes.
  • Digital video diary of your course.
  • Log book.
  • Packing instruction throughout your training - this is not often included in other AFF packages and can cost up to £200 as an independent cost. Considering it costs £5 per packing job to get a packer to do this is a significant benefit.
The 8 levels are as follows, providing each level is completed successfully and safely:

Level 1- level 3: Two instructors with you during the freefall

Level 4- level 7: One instructor

Level 8: Checked out by an instructor for a low altitude (5000 feet) hop and pop jump.

Upon successfully completing all 8 levels you will need to complete 10 solo jumps to attain your solo skydiving licence.

The first jump of the programme (Level 1) can be conducted as a one off jump. The cost is £350 and is frequently bought as a gift; a voucher is available on request. Should you wish to make a second jump or continue with the course the cost would be as indicated at the bottom of the sheet, no extra charge is made.

Accelerated Free Fall parachuting qualification qualifies you to be a competent solo skydiver in as few as 8 jumps. All descents are conducted from at least 12,000ft allowing you the maximum free fall time. We incorporate the latest teaching techniques with state of the art equipment to ensure rapid progression and maximum safety standards.

Active Skydiving owns all our own equipment and have parachutes of a variety of sizes to cater for the differing weights and previous experience of our students.

Get UK qualifications with UK’s most experienced instructors.

The AFF course has 8 levels, each level has a teaching objective which must be achieved, should the objective not be achieved then that level would be repeated. The majority of students qualify without a repeat but the possibility must be catered for. The cost of repeat jumps has been reduced to the minimum but if required would be in addition to the course fee. The breakdown of costs is as follows:

Level Cost
1 £350 repeat Level 1 – 3 = £150
2 and 3 £200 each
4 to 7 £140 each repeat Level 4 – 7 = £120
8 £60 repeat Level 8 = £30
Total Cost £1350

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Accelerated free fall intensive training

Accelerated free fall intensive training by Skydiving Instructor Accelerated free fall formation diving