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Specialist Skydiving School
Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) - Tandem Skydiving - Static Line Parachuting (RAPS)
Instruction by 5 times British Champion and ex-Red Devil, Scotty Milne
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Active Skydiving

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Parachuting the modern way

Scotty Milne runs Active Skydiving a friendly and professional skydiving school, to learn the extreme sports art of free fall parachuting call now or fill in our web form for more information. Leaving the older parachuting training mantra of Static Line behind, Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) starts with your first terminal velocity parachute jump from 13,000ft on a skydiving holiday at a sunshine location such as Spain, various locations in the USA and on special request many other locations worldwide.

Incorporate the wind tunnel (indoor skydiving) or tandem a tandem skydive as a gift idea prior to parachuting, to see if you have what it takes. Using state of the art parachutes you can be a qualified skydiver in 8 jumps.

Scotty Milne ex Red Devil, 5 times British Skydiving Champion with 10,000 skydiving jumps and 25 years experience in the sport.

Scotty holds the following ratings:
  • Advanced Parachute Instructor
  • Tandem Instructor
  • AFF Instructor
  • Instructor Examiner
  • Formation Skydiving (FS) Coach
Offering Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) courses, Tandem jumps and Static Line Square (RAPS) Parachute courses or personalised progression training.

Whatever skydiving adventure you chose you will get personal professional instruction using state of the art equipment, the safest and most enjoyable way of getting into this sport whether you want to make a one off jump or become a serious skydiver.

Active Skydiving takes a progressive and innovative approach to AFF (Accelerated free fall parachuting courses), accepting the weather is a prime factor in completing and enjoying your first skydiving experience we specialise in week long residential courses in the Costa Brava and Florida / California where the weather is much more consistent and warmer. Courses are also offered in a number of UK locations for those who do not want to travel however we do recommended this training is carried out in the summer months for obvious reasons.

We will make all the arrangements for you and as well as becoming a qualified skydiver you will also have a great holiday, what more could you ask for?

Write, Phone or E-mail for details of what will be the greatest experience of your life.
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Scotty Milne - Skydiving and Parachute Instructor

Scotty Milne - Skydiving Instructor

Accelerated free fall intensive training

Accelerated free fall intensive training by Skydiving Instructor